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Why our DIY Kit

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

HelpLegal NC to the rescue!  We pave the way for your success by providing a detailed, step-by-step guide to assist you in filing your Absolute Divorce. How do we accomplish this? We offer access to comprehensive outlines and instructional video tutorials.  


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It’s time to close this chapter and start living your life in its fullness!

This product will give you the skills to DO-IT-YOURSELF!

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Athens Law firm is a leading full-service law firm made up of experienced, talented and highly skilled lawyers.


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About Me

With 21 years of experience in the legal profession, I’ve handled diverse cases, including Small Claims, Family Court, Criminal Complaints, State and Federal Government cases. Throughout my career, I repeatedly observed a common challenge: individuals navigating legal proceedings without the necessary tools and understanding of the process. These individuals knew what they wanted and were capable of following the steps; they just NEEDED THE STEPS.


Witnessing people enter courtrooms or attempt to file documents with the Clerk’s Office, only to leave feeling defeated, saddened me. I can empathize, as I once found myself in a similar situation. Struggling financially and unable to afford representation, I desperately needed to break ties with my estranged spouse. Hence, I embarked upon the journey of understanding the legal process firsthand. After thorough research into North Carolina laws, numerous calls to the clerk’s office for further clarity, and a deep dive into the requirements for filing an Absolute Divorce, I successfully did it!


The birth of HelpLegal NC stemmed from a challenging period in my life, yet the endeavor is immeasurably rewarding. The knowledge gained from my past struggles may inspire someone to take courage in knowing YOU CAN DO-IT-YOURSELF.


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    DISCLAIMER: HelpLegal NC does not guarantee a favorable outcome in every case, as we do not serve as your legal representative. Our objective is to EMPOWER YOU by offering the necessary information to complete your document filings, schedule your case on the court calendar, and present your case to your assigned Judge.